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Stem Cells and the “Truth”: Ethics, Fraud, and the Politics of Science

Gareth Cook


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Format: Lecture

Length: 39 minutes

Gareth Cook, science journalist for the Boston Globe, presents a lecture on the complex relationship between science and politics in the stem cell debate. Cook was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2005 for his investigation of stem cell research and its scientific, social, and ethical ramifications.

Cook is introduced by Kevin Bedell, chairman of the physics department and Rourke Professor of Physics at Boston College.

Presenter(s): Gareth Cook

Date: February 8, 2006

Location: Higgins Hall 300

Sponsor(s): Boston College Physics Department


The information on this page is accurate as of February 2006

Going For The (Acapulco) Gold


Recent pot busts unrelated to house party attended by Olympian Phelps. See entire article here.

Octuplet fertility doctor under investigation – Yahoo! News

Methane Gas Tax on Cows?

This subject is an excellent example of the need for research to determine the accuracy of reports of an alleged proposal:  

Here is a link to a November, 2008 press release from the NY Farm Bureau.

The NYTimes reported on the issue in “Farmers Panic About a Cow Tax“.



An Alabama member of Congress debunks rumor about cow tax.

This writer actually did some research and identified the source of the rumor and how it spread.

The EPA issued a denial.

400,000 Busted for Pot in NYC Last 10 Years

AP: NYCLU: City Is World’s ‘Marijuana Arrest Capital’

Police busted nearly 400,000 people for carrying small amounts of pot in the last decade, making New York City the world leader in marijuana arrests, civil rights advocates said yesterday while unveiling a study criticizing the war on drugs. Police officials – who have long argued that the low level drug arrests help drive down more serious crime – countered by saying the report’s data was flawed and its findings misleading. The study by Queens College sociologist Harry Levin, titled “Marijuana Arrest Crusade,” accused police of purposely singling out minorities during the 10-year crackdown. It said that data provided by state Division of Criminal Justice Services showed that between 1997 and 2007, 52% of the suspects were black, 31% Hispanic, and only 15% white.

Love Canal

The University of Buffalo is the repository for the Love Canal Archives.


Love Canal Map

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