Research Paper

Your final research paper should be a work of high quality. Please be sure that you clearly identify a paper topic and submit it via e-mail to me by March 8th, 2010. You may not have a clear theme, concept or point of view in mind by that time, but you must  have a fairly narrowly defined topic or issue. You should soon be developing a reading list and reading on the topic you choose. I will expect a written reading list or “works cited” list on a date I will assign. Please keep the following in mind:

1) give yourself enough time!! Start !!

2) ask for help…see the library staff ASAP or arrange for a tutor. See the Writing Program as early as possible.

3) be sure to properly cite your sources using parenthetical reference. In the past, this has caused significant problems. MLA format is the standard for SUNY Delhi. Check the class web site for links to research sources and for links to helpful articles on writing a research paper:

4) work with each other in discussing your topics and reviewing ideas or drafts of the paper.

5) Remember…be sure that your paper has a central theme or idea; e.g., an analysis of the viability of the “privatization” of Social Security accounts after the current recession.

6) the paper should be fifteen pages or longer. (This does not include endnotes, references, works cited etc.)  In reviewing the public policy topic, the issues or problems that it raises, and summarizing the analysis and your conclusions, you will need a substantial paper.

7) I will read only legible, word-processed drafts of your paper. The due date is May 10, 2010.

8] write the paper in your own well-chosen words…I do not want pages of quotations from your sources. However, your tone must be academic-not colloquial. Originality counts!!

9) plagiarism will result in failure of the assignment and the class.

No Late Papers Will Be Accepted!!

11) Read Writing the Academic Paper-Karen Gocsik (Dartmouth College)

The instructor may be reached via email at:


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