Writing Center

Welcome to the Writing Center!

The primary function of the Writing Center is to assist you in creating a product that meets your instructor’s requirements and satisfies your personal expectations.  We accomplish this goal through one on one writing instruction.


What we do

Clarify new assignments

Organize your ideas

Expand the scope of your paper

Review specific grammar rules

Explain difficult reading passages

Fill in common knowledge gaps

Help you find the most useful research material

Assist with documentation 


What we do not do

Write your paper-you control the pen or keyboard

Do your research-you are responsible for content knowledge

Guarantee a particular grade or suggest what grade you will receive

Read multiple assignments or long assignments in a single conference

Assist with take home exams or final portfolios


Appointments and Walk-Ins

It is possible to receive help without an appointment, but you are strongly advised to schedule ahead of time.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call to cancel (4196).  If you cancel three times during a semester, you will no longer be allowed to make an appointment.

No-shows do happen.  We all become so busy or preoccupied that we forget an appointment.  However, if you do not show up for two appointments during a semester, you will no longer be able to make an appointment.

Appointments begin on the hour except in rare cases.  If you do not show up by 10 past the hour, your appointment will be given to a student who is waiting for services.

Stand-by allows a student without an appointment to check for cancellations.


We have a lovely Library Café.  Enjoy your snacks or meals there.  Bottled water is allowed in the Writing Center.

Our Printer is to be used for your papers.  Email any research info to yourself.

Our computers are for academic use only.  If you want to correspond with your friends, search for the love of your life, or shop, find another computer.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Please direct any questions to Sharon Ruetenik, x4196, ruetensa@delhi.edu.

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